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Will got in the tub with bubbles and stuck his face in the water and got some soap on his eyes and says are my eyes the same as they were?

Will-I am going to be John. Me-where did you get John from. Will-my imagination. Will-When we have a little brother his name will be Micheal and a sister named Wendy. Me- All people from Peter Pan. Will- I like Peter Pan.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today is Will's birthday and I wanted to tell everyone how great he is. He has been such a joy in our lives and we love him soooo much.
A few facts about Will:
1. He always wakes up happy. That is his nicest time. That is when I ask him to do things because he will actually do them:) (It is pretty nice)
2. He has a pillow case that he loves and he calls it his soft pillow. He can't sleep without it. We have had it since he was 6 months old and it is pretty worn out and I am a little worried what we are going to do if it wears out!
3. He still sucks his thumb, but only at night:)
4. He is such a good boy to his sister. He always goes up to Halle and gives her a hug and says I love you.
5. His favorite food is pizza.
6. He can write his name, write his numbers and letters, and is trying to learn how to read.
7. He hate clothes as everyone probably can tell!

I just love him so much and am so sad he is already 4. Time flies when your having fun I guess. wish I could slow down time sometimes, but we enjoy every minute together.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pictures from the week

What a crazy week we have had. I have been trying pack all our stuff this week. I got most of it done even with the kids pulling things out of the boxes as I pack them. Our apartment is a mess and it is driving me crazy. Brooks got his finals done today YEAH!! We are so excited to have dad back.
We got to end our crazy few weeks with a great BBQ. We got together with a bunch of friends to have a good old BBQ. It was so fun. We have made some great friends. This is a picture of all of us without husbands or kids. We got more pictures but I need to get a copy from my friends. We ate and got to visit without having to worry about school. It was great!!

Our messy apartment!
My cutie driving the 4-wheeler around our messy apartment.
Halle trying on all the clothes I am trying to pack away for the summer all at the same time. She kind of looks like a linebacker.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We have started packing to come back to Utah and have got quite a bit done. Brooks is down to 2 more finals and then we are heading back. We are super excited to see family and friends back in Utah:) This last week we went to Chuck E Cheese and I actually remembered my camera, which never happens! So, here is some picture of our day there. Those are some of their friends. 1 week from today and we will be home:) p.s. HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO

Friday, May 2, 2008

5 years, 2 kids, and way too much school time:)

Today was our anniversary and what a lame day we had:( Just kidding Brooks spent the day studying for his finals. He wants to celebrate it after finals are over. He said we are going to have to celebrate it after finals every year until we graduate. So I am going to change our anniversary to May 13 for the next 2 years YEAH! 5 years has gone by so quickly and I am glad I have gotten to spend it with my best friend. He is such a hard worker and is studying so hard right now and I hope it all pays off for him in the end. I just want to tell everyone how great he is and how much I love him and appreciate him! Happy anniversary/happy finals!