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Will got in the tub with bubbles and stuck his face in the water and got some soap on his eyes and says are my eyes the same as they were?

Will-I am going to be John. Me-where did you get John from. Will-my imagination. Will-When we have a little brother his name will be Micheal and a sister named Wendy. Me- All people from Peter Pan. Will- I like Peter Pan.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I want to remember:)

Halle got into my jewelry box the other day and this is what ended up happening.  Then yesterday she fell asleep on the couch and I didn't realize she was laying on the remote(bad mom I know:(! So we had to take a picture of the buttons imprinted on her face.  Not very comfy!  
I also wanted to write down something Will said on Sunday.  The music director in Primary came up to me after church and said Will was answering all the questions in Primary today.  She said they asked what faith was and nobody answered so Will raised his had and said "faith is things that are hoped for, but not seen" I about died that he answered it that way.  He has the best memory and I am not sure where he remembered that from, but we were laughing that he did:) She said they asked another question and I can't remember what she said it was, but he raised his hand and said when our little sister takes our toy we can be nice and share.  Ha ha at least he knows that is what he is supposed to do it doesn't mean he always does it, but I was happy he knew what he should do:) My kids are getting too big SAD!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Halle's new best friends!!

Darlene(my mother-in-law) had her 50th birthday yesterday so for her birthday she flew her kids out for her party. Her son Isaac has 2 little girls named Katie and Taylor.  From the first moment Halle played with them she LOVED them.  She has been talking about them ever since.  She calls them her friends.  She loves playing with girls because she usually has to play whatever Will and Ethan want to play.  Needless to say we have played with them everyday since they have been here.  My kids cry every time we have to leave.  Halle has been begging me to let her sleepover.  I think I would miss her too much to do that.  Yesterday we went sledding with them since Brooks didn't have school so I was able to get some pictures from that.  The first picture is Halle after the sledding.  She was pooped! I don't know what Halle will do when they leave.  I guess she will have to enjoy following Ethan and Will around playing Spiderman ha ha:) 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I just wanted to remember that Will had his first talk today and did a great job.  He talked on being a spirit child of a Heavenly Father.  He wasn't even afraid to get in front of everyone in Primary.  He just stood right up and gave his talk (with my help). I can't even beleive he is old enough to be giving a talk.  He is growing up so fast:( He was so proud of himself when he finished and so was I.  It was cute!

Will started Junior Jazz and had a great time.  He scored 8 points and played so good.  He was trying to block and steal the ball from the other kids and it was so funny.  We were so happy that he liked it so much and is already praying everyday that he will do good in his next basketball game on Saturday.  

A little while ago we had the pleasure of having Megan Buck's little boy over to play so that they could go to a concert and this was me trying to get 3 wild children ready for bed! They had a great time together.  It was really nice to see Megan and Brandon for a minute and get to play with Xander.  My kids had a blast.  I think they laughed the entire time they were together.  They were jumping on the bed and running through my small house.  I hope we can someday do it again!