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Will got in the tub with bubbles and stuck his face in the water and got some soap on his eyes and says are my eyes the same as they were?

Will-I am going to be John. Me-where did you get John from. Will-my imagination. Will-When we have a little brother his name will be Micheal and a sister named Wendy. Me- All people from Peter Pan. Will- I like Peter Pan.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Girls Lunch!

I got to see these lovely girls over the break and it was great to catch up. They are all wonderful and we had great laughs! Hope to see you all again soon:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

We had such a fun Christmas! We were able to head to Logan for a few days. We headed up on Wed. and stayed a Brooks' house then and on Christmas eve as well. His mom has a party every year. We ate and the kids dressed up for the nativity. Then we played the good old white elephant game. We woke up and opened presents there. It was a lot of fun! Then we headed to my house so we could tallk to my brother Rob who is in Arizona on his mission. It was fun to talk to him and hear he is doing so good. It made me miss him even more though ha ha! He is such an example to me and I was so happy to hear from him. We were able to eat with my family and enjoy time together. On Saturday I had the chance to meet up with some of my friends from high school and see how they were doing. It was fun to catch up and just see them:) Will got a Wii for Christmas from santa so we had tournaments all weekend ha and it was a lot of fun. I am weak because my arm kept aching after I would play:) I hope next year will be just as fun! Pictures will come soon...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Will had his Christmas program this morning and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They sang a bunch of Christmas songs and did actions along with them. They each had a cute little party they said. They rang bells and wore hats. It was so much fun watching him. While I was sitting there I was thinking about how fast my little man is growing up. Seriously I am sitting there at a Christmas program for my kindergartener?? What am I that old. I love my little man and am having so much fun watching him get big. He is such a good boy and makes me so happy:) Love ya bud you make me so proud!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on the munchkins!

This is what will had Halle wear to be on his team. I thought it was cute. Halle is such a stubborn strong willed child:) She is so much like me it's scarry ha ha! She has the sweetest heart though and can make my day by snuggling with me to watch cartoons! Will started basketball and loves it as much as last year. We love going to watch him play. I love my kiddos:)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NeW mOOn girRlS NiGhT OUT!!


A few weeks ago we went to dinner and New Moon with a bunch of my friends and it was so much fun! We went to Olive Garden before and then went to the 10:30 showing. There were 24 of us that went to the movie and 20 that went and ate. I liked the movie a lot better than the first one:) I had a blast and can't wait for when we go in June!! Thanks gals for a great time:)

Monday, November 16, 2009

My cute monkies in the tub! I don't know how many times I have to tell them not to splash out of the tub, but they never laugh so hard! I have to remember to let them have fun:) Gotta love them:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Many of the "Villagers"
Hot Cocoa Break
Cute dress up
Face Painting
What a great Halloween week we had!! Having kids in school can be so busy ha ha:) We started off our eventful week with a Halloween party in our "village." The kids got to dress up and do crafty things and eat treats. Halle was OF COURSE a princess, but she kept switching each night. That night she was Ariel. Will was Darth Vader. Then on Wednseday Brooks and the kids went to our ward trunk or treat and Halloween party (Halle was Snow White that night:)while I went to a Halloween party at the U that I had to help with:(! The kids got to dress up again! They had a blast and had so many treats we didn't need anymore BUT then on Thursday I helped with Will's class Halloween party which was so much fun. They decorated cookies, made little bags, played games, and colored. THEN on Friday Will had his school parade that he wore his costume AGAIN for and they marched around the gym looking so cute:) We then took them to a trick or treat event at the law school (Halle was Sleeping Beauty oh and Will switched to Iron man this day:) Then the fun continued on Saturday when we went with all our friends to the Fort Douglas trick or treat carnival thing (Halle back to Ariel) which they really enjoyed as well followed by trick or treating at a shopping center near our house wiht more friends! I know you are thinking how much fun can we have in one week?! or how many times can she say Halloween in one post!! Right after all that fun Brooks took off and went to the U of U game and the kids and I went to another party at my friends that was brave enough to host everyone at her house!!! Then, ha ha we took the kids trick or treating (as if they didn't have enough candy already). Will ahd so much fun knocking on doors and running ahead with his friends to get as much candy as he could. It reminded me of my trick or treating days and I got so happy! My body was seriously aching when we got home and I have never slept so good in my entire life!! It was such a awesome week but I have to say I am glad it's over ha ha:) Can't wait til next year:)!

Monday, October 26, 2009

On Saturday I was gone and apparently this is what they did ha ha! Such fun when dad's in charge:)

Game night:)

Last week Brooks took Will to a Real Salt Lake game and they had such a fun time:) When they came in they were giving out t-shirts to kids and he was also given a KFC bucket to wear on his head ha ha! He loved it and insisted on keeping it. He is the biggest pack rat. He wants to keep Slurpee cups it is ridiculous, but cute:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A few weeks ago we took our kids to the Church History Museum and they have a kids section there that they loved. Halle was in heaven with all the babies. They had several activities that they wanted to keep doing. We could have stayed there for hours. It was a lot of fun and we are hoping we can go back soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall FUN!

Everyone should check this out! It will be so much fun! Oh and pass the word along please:) funfallboutique.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Look what I get to hang out with everyday from 8:30 to 11 aren't I lucky??

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My cute girl started dance and was so excited. We picked out all her clothes and the shoes and she was so happy. I took her the first day and I take her in there and she turns to me and tells me to leave and then come pick her up after. She was more excited for me to leave her ha ha! She seriously looked so cute! I watched her while she twirled and leaped and danced with her teacher and she was so happy. A couple of girls in the class had skirts so of course she wants a skirt now (such a shopper already!!) I love this sweetie. She is such a stubborn girl and by the end of most days we both need a time out, but I wouldn't change anything about her:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I just wanted to spread the word! This website is giving away FREE nursing covers! Put the item you want in your cart, and then put backorder into the discount code box. All you have to pay is the $8.95 for shipping. That is an awesome deal and NO I'm not pregnant I just saw it on someone else's blog and thought I should spread the word!
Let me know if anyone orders one:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

TrIP tO thE ZoO!!

Tonight for family home evening we went to the zoo and had a great time.  We saw the new baby elephant and the baby tigers! They were so cute.  I think I loved them more than my kids.  It was nice to relax and just hang out.  My life seems so busy right now so any moment to hang out is great! Brooks is so busy with work, school, and church it seems like he has no days off so we enjoy the moments together.  I can't believe we are almost done with law school it has flown by so fast. It has been one of the best experiences.  I love where we live and all the friends we have made. Anyways, not sure why I am writing all this ha ha!  Will is loving school and is learning so much.  He comes home talking about something new everyday.  He loves his teacher she's great.  Halle is getting so old.  She wants to be in preschool so bad.  It is funny how I have one child that didn't want to go to school and one that can't wait:) My kids are so BIG! I love them so much and am enjoying seeing them grow! 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sick day!

I thought these were cute pictures of my monkeys and wanted to share them. I also have a funny story.  Today, Will played sick for school.  He woke up and ate breakfast and then said my tummy hurts.  I believed him and was like really? Then we started talking about it and I said okay if your tummy is really hurting we can't go to soccer tonight.  Then he said well it will be feeling better for soccer.  RED FLAG! Then he asks when is school over? I realized he was tricking me! ha ha he is already so much like his dad faking sick to stay home from school:) Needless to say, he went to school:) ha ha what a sweetie though!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


SUCCESS!!! I took Will to school today and ran out of the school and he did awesome.  He was totally crying when I ran out of the school, but when I came to get him he had soooooo much fun! So when I picked him up we went to Chucky Cheese and spent like $10 in quarters grandma Cindy gave him to go to school and went and picked out a Nerf gun! He was so happy and so was I:) and to add to the greatness he looked so cute in his school clothes:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ScHooL bOY!!!!

Will had his first day of school yesterday and was a little scared:) In fact, he wouldn't let me leave! I stayed in the hall the whole time ha ha! I am writing this down because I want to remember this.  He was so sad and nervous.  It was sad.  Today, Brooks got to take him because I wasn't sure my patience could handle it:) He is such a sweetheart.  I told him I would let him pick any toy he wants if he will go by himself.  Hopefully that brib will work.  He has been taking his bath at night and I have been letting him pick out his clothes for the next day.  It is fun to see him so big.  His teacher is so nice.  After school he told Brooks he wants to ride the bus like his friends, but now at night he has decided he doesn't want to do that:) We are hoping he will be confident enough to go soon! I love him and have had mixed emotions about him going to school.  I am worried to send my little 5 year old out in the world by himself.  On the other hand, I am super excited for him to make friends, learn lots, and just have fun! He is growing up so fast and I want to enjoy and be able to laugh about these fun days! He is such a handsome boy in these pictures!

Monday, August 24, 2009


On Friday we had such a fun time at Raging Waters:) I got to take the kids and we had a blast.  We went down the slides, played in the kiddie pool, and rode around on the lazy river.  The kids loved everything. Thanks kiddos for being so good while we were there and having so much fun with mom:)